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Season 43 Hall of Fame Voting

Juan Park

If I have to convince you to vote for Juan Park, I am kicking you out of the league because you clearly have no idea what a baseball is.

Eugenio Sosa

The same is actually true for Sosa, but he doesn’t have the gaudy numbers of Park so I’ll point out a few things.  15 all stars, 16 silver sluggers, 7 gold gloves, an MVP award, 3rd all time in stolen bases and 5th all time in runs scored, and a career OBP over .400.  He is the best CF ever in the BSA and disputably the best all around 2 way player ever in the BSA.

Antonio Feng

There are 3 catchers on the ballot that are probably top 5 all time and so I sorted between the 3.  Feng has the lowest home run totals so that would probably cause some to vote for Sheldon, but Feng has a higher slugging percentage than Sheldon by .31, the same batting average as Juan Park, and has a top ten all time OBP.  If Juan Park didn’t exist, Feng would have had multiple MVPs (and should have had one in season 29, Park won it because of our homerun obsession).  Feng was one of the best hitters in the league for his entire career and his numbers and awards make him qualified for his spot as one of the best ever in the BSA.

Gene Cain

Gene Cain won silver sluggers at three different positions.  I only looked quickly but couldn’t find another player in BSA history who has accomplished that.  He has over 300 homers, 300 steals, batted over .300, almost 500 doubles, over 2300 hits, and a plus .500 slugging percentage.  He has also a key part of 2 separate great runs for different franchises, winning 2 world series in Tampa Bay and 2 in Ottawa.

Roscoe Kraemer

I am voting for Kraemer as there was a lot of league support last year.  He does have the high win total, but I will let an advocate for him push for him.  I would change this spot if league sentiment was for someone else as I think there are a number of other qualified candidates, but I think Kraemer has the best chance to get in so I’m voting for him.



All Time Leaders

1. Luther Aldred 3031
2. Alfonzo Cruz 3004
3. Ugueth Moya 2830
4. Orlando Lee 2736
5. Alan Vickers 2643

Home Runs
1. Alfonzo Cruz 811
2. Dan Thompson 749
3. Ugueth Moya 686
4. Jerome Duran 633
5. Ivan Mantalban 602

1. Rusty Laker 1.021
2. Dan Thompson 1.020
3. Ugueth Moya .989
4. Matty Bennet .984
5. Emil Wilkinson .975

1. Fernando Neruda 352
2. Geronimo Flores 310
3. Esteban Cubillan 275
4. Frank Dehart 263
5. Shawn Radlosky 257

1. Fernando Neruda 5038
2. Geronimo Flores 3866
3. Frank Dehart 3356
4. Esteban Cubillan 2955
5. Shawn Radlosky 2871

1. Jesus Torrealba 694
2. Hal Wagner 636
3. Charles Hall 575
4. Cole Alexander 488
5. Augie Martin 478