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Season 40 Hall of Fame voting

Hall of Fame voting is taken very seriously in the BSA.  We routinely elect multi-person classes and I will put our HOF voting reputation up against any other world.  The good news is that unlike the presidential election, there are a number of candidates who are worthy of your vote for BSA Hall of Fame.  I would encourage everyone to use all 5 of your votes.  I will add the disclaimer that I am an advocate of a large hall of fame and my standards are not just the greatest of all time, but the greatest of each era and the greatest at each position.  It is difficult with the programming flaws of WIS to look at elect at the correct positions, but we know the listed positions are usually not accurate.  With that disclaimer, I give you my ballot for this season and would encourage us to compromise and agree on as many as possible.

1.       Trace Woods – Second all time in wins at 319, Woods is a sure fire first ballot Hall of Famer.  2 Cy Young awards should cement any doubts if anyone would have any.  He’s not the greatest pitcher in BSA history, but he is one of them.


2.       Marvin Piper – Rusty Laker is the only catcher in the Hall of Fame.  That tells you the lack of depth at that position in our world’s history.  There are other catchers on this ballot or available for nomination that I think are worthy of HOF consideration, but Piper needs to be first in line.  He is the best catcher from his era.  He has 509 career home runs, he is second among catchers all time.  He is not Rusty Laker, but he deserves to have his plaque next to his as one of the best catchers of all time.  Piper had 14 votes last season, so this should be his year to take that next step into the Hall.


3.       Jacob Schmidt – Schmidt may not seem obvious to some, but he is arguably the best second baseman in BSA history.  He won 10 Silver Slugger awards at second base.  With 482 home runs, 2778 hits, 342 stolen bases, with a .293 career batting average, Schmidt has numbers that compare with greats at any position. 


4.       Albert Garcia – I have an admitted bias for Garcia since he was my ace for many years.  However, I make one simple argument for him: no other pitcher who has won 2 Cy Youngs has been left out of the HOF.  His win total scares people off at 189, a total that was influenced by his low stamina.  He was definitely not your typical workhorse.  But consider also that he only had 97 losses.  That gives him a .661 winning percentage. Compare that to Trace Woods at .644.  Roy Hardy has less wins at 178 (in less seasons admittedly) but he also has a lower winning percentage at .647.  Only Rube Daniels, Mitch Singleton, Brendan Towers, Fernando Neruda, Vladimir Leon, and Ben Sherman has better winning percentages.  Glenn Painter – the pitcher in the HOF to whom Garcia most resembles – has a comparable .667 winning percentage.   His career ERA of 2.86 and WHIP of 1.14 are in elite company as well.  Only Glenn Painter and Rube Daniels have lower ERAs among Hall of Famers.  Only Rube Daniels, Glenn Painter, and Philip Coleridge have lower WHIPs among Hall of Famers (Neruda is tied).  Garcia is not the traditional stat stacking Hall of Famer, but the numbers and history bear out that he was one of the greats of his era and compares well with the greats of any era.


5.       Al Pimental – 2 Cy Young awards separate Garcia from pitchers like Pimental and Luis Lopez.  But Pimental is comparable statistically to Garcia.  He has more wins at 203 and actually a  lower WHIP at 1.13.  His most impressive stat is his career .217 OAV. 

All Time Leaders

1. Luther Aldred 3031
2. Alfonzo Cruz 3004
3. Ugueth Moya 2830
4. Orlando Lee 2736
5. Alan Vickers 2643

Home Runs
1. Alfonzo Cruz 811
2. Dan Thompson 749
3. Ugueth Moya 686
4. Jerome Duran 633
5. Ivan Mantalban 602

1. Rusty Laker 1.021
2. Dan Thompson 1.020
3. Ugueth Moya .989
4. Matty Bennet .984
5. Emil Wilkinson .975

1. Fernando Neruda 352
2. Geronimo Flores 310
3. Esteban Cubillan 275
4. Frank Dehart 263
5. Shawn Radlosky 257

1. Fernando Neruda 5038
2. Geronimo Flores 3866
3. Frank Dehart 3356
4. Esteban Cubillan 2955
5. Shawn Radlosky 2871

1. Jesus Torrealba 694
2. Hal Wagner 636
3. Charles Hall 575
4. Cole Alexander 488
5. Augie Martin 478