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Power Rankings – Season 26 All Star Break

  1. Toledo Black Sheep (62-24) Vladimir Leon continues a career resurgence at 11-1 with a 2.07 era and Jacob Schmidt is pushing into his prime to try and become the best 2B in BSA history, hitting .322/.385/.682 with 30 HRS and 77 RBI
  2. Tampa Bay Tritons (56-30) Alving Gabriel has taken over the closer role from future Hall of Famer Hal Wagner amply with 20 saves and a 2.60 Era and 1.05 WHIP
  3. Kansas City Monarchs (55-31) DH Tsubasa Wang has anchored KC’s move to the top of the AL, already banging 30 homers while hitting .318 with a 1.033 OPS
  4. San Francisco Sea Lions (49-37) Tike Henson is leading the Sea Lions to an unexpected season by hitting .302 with 24 home runs and 12 stolen bases supported by DH Pinky Lee and his .310 average with 22 long balls.
  5. August Warriors (53-33)23 year old Juan Park is emerging as perhaps the dominant hitter in the BSA with his .349/.431/.722, 32 HR, 87 RBI start to the season.
  6. Ottawa Pride (46-40) Christopher Huff has provided power to an already potent lineup.  With 25 homeruns already, he is having his best season at the plate hitting /304/.391/.551
  7. Burlington Ents (49-37) Eugenio Sosa has become an elite CF, getting it done at the plate (.301/.415/.459/31 SB) and in the field (10 plus plays)
  8. Rochester Rampage (53-33) Davey Rosado is having a monster season and leading the AL in hitting at .347.
  9. Boston Bombers (51-35) Esteban Cubillan never seems to slow down, starting the year at 13-3 and DH Anthony Pierce is emerging as Boston’s best hitter and rookie of the year candidate with a .324/.396/.607 and 21 homers and 65 RBI start to the season.
  10. Huntington Catholics (48-38) Juan Veras has already matched his win total from last season, posting a 10-3 record with a 2.75 ERA and a 1.13 WHIP.
  11. Los Angeles Freaks (42-44) Randall Lawson is having a career season with a .317 average and 20 SB
  12. Charlotte Panthers (47-39) William Austin is having an all star caliber year at the hot corner, hitting .301 with 10 dingers.
  13. Las Vegas Spittin’ Vermin (47-39) Mikey McGuire hasn’t had the most stellar season, but 58 stolen bases at the all star break is a nice accomplishment.
  14. Boise Russets (43-43) 23 year old Alexi Crespo had a pretty shaky rookie year, but he has shown his promise this season in the first half while hitting .299/.382/.542 with 19 HR and 15 SB.
  15. Syracuse Orange Domers (41-45) Closer Pepe Granados has been nearly perfect, converting 21 of 21 saves with a .89 ERA and .79 WHIP
  16. Vancouver Vipers (42-44) Roy Irwin has returned to form, starting out at 11-5 with a 3.60 ERA.
  17. New York Evil Empire (39-47) 1B Roberto Lee continues to be one of the best pure contact hitters in the BSA, hitting .321 so far in season 26.
  18. Tacoma Duck Dodgers 24.5 Century (40-46) Joaquin Baez just keeps hitting in spite of playing in Tacoma, leading the team with a .305 average.
  19. Honolulu Noka OI (42-44) 2B Brian Canseco doesn’t get much publicity, but he is emerging into his prime and will get noticed hitting .318/.419/.517
  20. Memphis Marauders (41-45) Fergie Larson has converted 16 of 17 save opportunities
  21. Columbus Script (39-47) Vet Tarrick Comer looks for a late career resurgence, hitting .291 with 13 stolen bases.
  22. Sacramento Stars (39-47) Jeremy Bourn has been the highlight of this offense, hitting .285 with 10HR and 19 2B.
  23. Nashville Redbirds (39-47) Otto Buchanan (.306/.413/.526) continues to be the best right handed platoon hitter ever.
  24. New Orleans Swim (39-47) Closer Jair Bonilla has converted 24 of 26 saves with an impressive 4 to 1 strike out to walk ratio.
  25. Richmond Poes (36-50) Philip Coleridge has returned home successfully with an 8-4 record and a 2.97 ERA.
  26. El Paso Border Patrol (39-47) C Rafael Franco probably won’t finish the season in El Paso if he keeps hitting .302/.361/.530.
  27. Washington DC Huskies (37-49) Closer Brook Easley continues to be the best player in DC and has amassed 22 saves with as 2.93 ERA.
  28. Austin City Limits (36-50) 1B Ralph Johnson has been Austin’s most consistent hitter, hitting .287 with 16 homers and 57 RBI.
  29. Cincinnati Communists (30-56) SP Dan Pritchett has been a bright spot in a dismal season in Cincy, posting a 9-4 record  with a 3.35 ERA and 1.09 WHIP.
  30. Florida Friendly Fungos (35-51) 3B Collin Sullivan leads the team hitting .306
  31. Scottsdale SkyScrapers (33-53) Don Hunter has dodged the trade bullet so far and has not let the rumors slow him down, still managing a .298 average to lead the team.
  32. Madison Fireballs (28-58) Tony Ellis continues to outshine his surroundings while having a career year, posting a .306/.407/.558 with 20 HR and 50 RBI.

Shooter’s Season 26 Draft Review

Season 26 Amateur Draft Review and Grades

First, a short preface…  These draft grades do not account for your scouting budget or organizational “need” at a certain position.  I’m solely basing the grade on my 17MM “Advanced Scouting Budget”, and the players I see selected behind the draftee, I realize that everyone is not visible based on the budgets.  For entertainment purposes only, and not trying to hurt any feelings.


First Round:  Absolutely a roll of the dice by Sacramento selecting signability risk 2B prospect Matthew Thompson.  In a “weak” draft, I can understand the play, however wonder if they wouldn’t have been better off selecting one of the three high end SS prospects (Green/Meche/Boyle) due to positional value.  Thompson will be a great player, just wondering if he’s going to be “top overall pick” great due to his mediocre makeup projection.

Round 2-5 Sleeper: 1B/DH Fonzie Phillips (5th) – Phillips was an exceptional selection in the 5th round, it’s very rare to find a position player that late in the draft that has a shot to make it to the bigs (even if just as a platoon option), but especially vs. LHP, Phillips appears to have a nice combo of contact/power/eye to get the job done.

Overall Grade C+: I think that Thompson will be a nice player, just maybe not #1 overall “nice”.  2nd rounder another signability gamble (GM likely hoping he doesn’t).


First Round: Absolutely no issue with the selection of SS David Green, who might be the best prospect in the draft (factoring positional value), He has the tools to be an average to above average fielder, to go along with explosive offensive projections, strong makeup and health.  A safe, excellent selection at #2.

Round 2-5 Sleeper: None, no selections

Overall Grade B-: I really love Green’s potential, but the FA spree was costly in forfeiting the next 4 rounds of the draft. This is the highest grade I could give for only having one selection.


First Round: No qualms with the selection of 2B Jeff Rogers, a true 5 tool superstar prospect.  He may be every bit as good (if not even slightly better than the #1 pick Thompson), only concern will be the durability and how many games/year the Poes can get from him.  He may only play in 142g/season, but they should be an extremely productive 142.

Round 2-5 Sleeper: none, only a AAA ceiling 2b in round 3. (2nd, 4th and 5th rounders unsigned)

Overall Grade C+: Love the Rogers selection, and think he’s going to be a star, beyond that, not a heckuva lot in this draft for Richmond.


First Round: Excellent selection by Florida with SS J.D. Meche with the #4 overall pick.  Meche is a 5-tool superstar SS in the making.  A can’t miss prospect.

Round 2-5 Sleeper: none.  Career Minor Leaguers with the rest of the top selections.  The CF Villarreal (4th) may have a shot as a platoon player vs. LHP.

Overall Grade C+: Similar grade to Richmond, excellent first rounder, but not much beyond that.


First Round: Not the year to have 3 first round selections, Madison made attempt to stock up on the limited pitching talent.  #5 pick Art Gray may have been a bit overdrafted (without having overpowering projected splits or pitches), but the other two RP’s Hall (#19) and Gross (#36) appear to be effective bullpen contributors down the road.

Round 2-5 Sleeper: none, some AAAA type pitchers, but none of which really jump off the page.

Overall Grade: B- In a weak draft, it’s never a bad idea to load up on pitching, which Madison did.  Gray may not be an Ace, but should be an effective ML starter, and Hall and Gross look like good ML setup guys in the future.


First Round: 2B prospect Alan Twitchell went right about where he should have.  A very strong offensive and defensive 2b prospect, I love his projected batting eye as well.  His electric speed may go to waste due to subpar baserunning projection, but not much else is wrong with his projected game.

Round 2-5 Sleeper: If he signs, I believe 2nd round 3b/Rf Jimmy Johnson will play in the big leagues, however the sleeper in the Vancouver draft class is 5th round catcher Shane McKenry, who brings a good offensive game and adequate defense to one day possibly be able to catch in the majors.

Overall Grade: B+.  Nice job by Vancouver with the top part of the draft.  3 possible major leaguers in the top 5 rounds is a good draft, and Twitchell has all-star potential.


First round: Hard throwing SP Oliver Blanks was an excellent choice at #7 (as I believe he was the best SP prospect in the draft).  No real weakness in his projected game, strong splits, 3 great pitches, velocity and more than adequate control make for a bright future for Blanks, easily could have seen him going in the top 3 of this draft.

Round 2-5 sleeper: none.  Some AAAA type players, but mainly organizational filler.

Overall Grade B: I am a big fan of Blanks, especially at #7 in this draft.

New Orleans

(done by guest rater sweetsalve)

First Round: RP  Milton Cohen is the complete package as a relief pitching prospect:  top end control, 2 great pitches, the ability to pitch against righties and lefties.  The only two possible faults you can find in Cohen are that he doesn’t have that high velocity many dominant relievers have and his mental makeup.  The only concern is that Cohen doesn’t develop to be as great as he can be.  Supplemental pick Matthew Offerman is a very good contact hitter with speed, but his poor defense and eye limit his value.  He’ll still be a very useful piece to New Orleans future.

Round 2-5 sleeper: Dustin Andrelczyk is limited by his stamina, but he can play a key specialist role on a ML pitching staff and some may even think he can be a closer, but I would personally prefer C Andres Ciriaco as he has a future as a defensive specialist or in a left handed platoon.

Overall Draft Grade A-: Cohen is a great get for anyone, but a slight mark off for the value of a relief pitcher with the eighth pick.


First Round: LF Hal Dwyer has huge power potential and a great batting eye, but there is concern with the contact/RHP split that make me wonder if he’ll ever be the kind of hitter the GM would expect with the #9 pick on a position where superior production is expected.

Round 2-5 Sleeper: None. Organizational filler

Overall Draft Grade C:  Dwyer is a 40HR kind of player that should demolish LHP and generate a good OBP with the exceptional eye, but there were quite a few prospects (invisible to the GM I’m sure), that may have made more impact at #9.

Washington D.C.

First Round: In a very good year for SS prospects at the top of the draft, DC gets tremendous value with Lyle Boyle falling to #10.  Boyle has the makeup to reach full potential, the fielding projections to be above average in the field, and supreme power for the position.  Quite simply one of the best prospects in this draft and tremendous value where he was selected.

Round 2-5 Sleeper: RP William Simpson (#69) should make for a a reasonable reliever pitching in flyball friendly DC.  He’s a bit of a soft tosser, and doesn’t keep the ball down, but his projected splits, pitches, and control should get him to the show.

Overall Draft Grade A:  Great value in both the first and second round.  I think Boyle will be a beast.

Los Angeles

First Round:  Pitchers Hofffman, Breslow and Foster are not without flaw, however all should be Major League contributors in some manner or the other, and as mentioned above… When in doubt, draft an arm.

Round 2-5 Sleeper:  Big fan of the value LA received with P Daniel Ray Cone in the 2nd round, in fact, he may be every bit the pitcher as the three first rounders.

Overall Draft grade B-: No off the charts talents, but plenty of arms in this draft for Los Angeles, which is never a bad thing.  Cone is one of my favorite value selections in the 2nd round and bumps this up to a B-.


First Round: C/DH Rob Gibbons will be a strong offensive player, but may not have the tools to be more than a fill-in behind the plate, 3B Kenny Porter has a high overall projected rating considering where he was selected, however really doesn’t do anything exceptionally well.  He should, however be a decent ML utility man with positional flexibility.  CF Renyel Martin is a speedster that should be able to swipe plenty of bases, while covering some ground in CF, however the offensive game might be a bit suspect.

Round 2-5 Sleeper:  Tough call between a couple of draftees, but I’ll go with Charlotte’s second pick in Rd. 2, CF Jose Jacquez, who might be as good or better than first rounder Martin.

Overall Draft grade B+: Charlotte did a nice job adding multiple players with ML potential, most notably Gibbons, the two CF’s, and P Rick Ruebel (3rd)

San Francisco

First Round: P Mendy Wingo has the projections to be a good spot starter or long reliever (due to lower than ideal for SP stamina projection), while supplemental #1 CF Rob Mays is a switch-hitter (always valuable) that should play excellent defense patrolling CF.

Round 2-5 Sleeper:  2nd Round DH Alex Russell is a great hitter for being drafted in the 2nd round, and should bring a big league bat up to SF at some point in the near future.  A great 2nd round selection for SF.

Overall Draft Grade B+:  The two first rounders have minor flaws, but should be ML contributors, and Russell was a steal in the 2nd.


First Round: I like the value of 3B Justin Herrera at #14, he doesn’t have the range to play effective SS once in the Majors, but has the tools defensively to become a gold glove caliber 3B and deliver the necessary offense expected from a CIF.  Good selection by Cinci.

Round 2-5 Sleeper: none.  Some filler, but nothing that appears to have ML potential.

Overall Grade C+: I like the Herrera pick, but nothing much beyond that.

New York

First Round: CF Gary Belinda has some tremendous potential both offensively and defensively, it’s just a matter of whether his limited health and makeup allow him to reach that potential.  A calculated risk, but well worth it at #15. The other two first rounders (SP Lehr, and SS Tate) I have concern about ever making impact in the big leagues.  Lehr’s splits are projecting very low, and Tate, while adequate defensively, doesn’t project much offense at all.

Round 2-5 Sleeper: If he can stay healthy, 3rd round fireballing SP Brook Marquis could make a decent bottom of the rotation starter, however his health projection might make that a bit of an accomplishment.

Overall grade B-: I like the Herrera and Marquis picks, but both player’s low health projection make them classic “boom or bust” prospects.


1st Round:  Not a big fan of 3B Yorrick Swisher at #16 who projects only to be a Utility IF/COF with only a moderate bat.

Round 2-5 Sleeper: RP Joey Sheets might have some ability as a setup man with the control, heat, and groundball inducing ability.  Could possibly make a ML roster at some point

Overall Grade D:  The amateur draft obviously not where Syracuse is putting it’s money this season, which given the limited talent may not prove to be a bad call.  Not much ML talent in this year’s Cuse draft class.


1st round: SP Chuck Jensen, LF Danny Miadich, and 3B Walt Ray are all major league talents, however none of them are true impact players.  Nonetheless, walking out of this draft with two possible position player starters, and a bottom of the rotation starter is not a bad draft in the least.

Round 2-5 Sleeper:  4th round 3B/RF Victor Espinosa has a real shot to make it to the big club at some point, other than the eye, his offensive and defensive game look to be ML caliber.  An excellent 4th round value selection for Austin

Overall Draft Grade B+:  No stars in this class, but 4 possible ML contributors drive this grade.  Always solid drafting from Austin


1st Round:  SP Sherm North looks like a darn good middle/top part of the rotation SP, while supplemental pick SP Brian Valentine has the skills to eventually be an effective long reliever or bottom of the rotation starter in the majors.

Round 2-5 Sleeper: 2nd round RP Matthew Paulson has the control/RHP split and pitch set to be an effective setup man in the majors at some point.

Overall Draft grade A: The top 3 picks were all excellent value in comparison to the draft position.  Hoarding capable pitching prospects is a can’t lose strategy, excellent job by the Script GM.


1st Round: Noka Oi first round pitcher Clete Garland is an intriguing prospect, who might be even better due to the big flyable pitchers park that he’ll one day be pitching in.  His durability might make it a challenge for him to start every 5th day, but he has a good future as a spot starter/long reliever with all other projected pitching core ratings very strong. C Doug Wilson has a good glove and strong accurate arm, and should crush LHP, he was drafted right about where he should have been.  The vs. RHP will be a concern.

Round 2-5 Sleeper:  It’s rare to say that a 4th round pick appears to be a “can’t miss prospect”, however Honolulu has one in RP RJ Alcantara.  His power arm, pitch set, and vs. RHP projection are all off the charts considering where he was drafted.

Overall Draft Grade A-:  I’m a big fan of Garland and Alcantara as value selections, along with Wilson, this makes for a very nice draft for the Noka Oi


1st Round: RP Chili Rusch should be an effective ML setup man, his makeup is a bit concerning, but everything else appears very solid.

Round 2-5 Sleeper: 3rd round RP Will Flanagan should make a fine, durable setup/RHS in the big leagues one day.  Good value in the 3rd round.

Overall Draft Grade B-: Picking lower in the draft and walking away with two ML caliber relievers in this draft earns positive marks.


1st Round:  DH/C Huston Thurston is without a doubt a major league hitter, strong power/contact/eye projections with adequate splits, he should be a force in the middle of the Rochester lineup in a few years.  He has enough skill to fill in occasionally behind the plate, but would be to much of a defensive liability to be an everyday receiver.

Round 2-5 Sleeper: None.

Overall Draft Grade C+:  Thurston is a big time hitter, and apparently the only Rochester selection in the GM’s plans at this point.


First Round: Brandon Womack is another potentially strong offensive SS (although not quite the power potential of some of the others), that also possessed the fielding projections to become a fine all-around player. His terribly low health projection is definitely a red-flag, however at #23, well worth the risk.

Round 2-5 Sleeper: None. 2nd rounder Josh Shannon doesn’t appear likely to sign due to his 1st round demands, the others will be career minor leaguers.

Overall grade C+:  I like the gamble on Womack at this point in the first round even with his risky health.  None of the other picks look to be ML prospects.

Kansas City

First Round:  Corban Wulf looks to be a good glove 3B prospect, the lack of batting eye will likely prevent him from ever being a top end offensive corner IF, but he should be an ok starter and bottom of the order hitter for the Monarchs. RP Darren Burnett is a tremendous value at #34 and could potentially be an above average to strong closer in Kansas City, and speedy OF Brendan Dumatrait looks to be a valuable left-handed bat off the bench, with the ability to start vs. RHP.

Round 2-5 Sleeper:  3B Clint Mahomes looks like he might have a shot as a utility infielder/OF with proper development.

Overall Draft Grade: A-:  KC always drafts well in the amateur draft, and selects players that should thrive in the big park in KC.  The value of Burnett at #34 kicks this grade up.


First Round: I do not have scouting info on SS Russell Teahan,

Round 2-5 Sleeper: None.  3rd round pitcher Duffy has some intriguing qualities, unfortunately control is not one of them, and that will limit him to the high minors.

Overall Draft Grade INCOMPLETE:  Wouldn’t be fair for me to assign a grade being unable to see Teahan’s projected ratings.


First Round: RF Horatio Taveras has a big league bat, and will contribute one day, and I love the value of RP Sid Leach, who looks to have the tools in order to become a very good setup man.  Jacob Whittaker offers some value as a defensive sub, and possible platoon starter vs. LHP at SS, and 2B Odalis Taveras was a steal at #49, he is above average both offensively and defensively if the projections (despite the low makeup) hold true.

Round 2-5 Sleeper: Scottsdale’s second 2nd rounder RP Terrance Leonard has a shot to contribute at the ML level as long as his control develops.

Overall Draft Grade A: Very nice draft for Scottsdale, who grabbed 5 potential contributors in the first two rounds.


First Round:  High School Selections Randolph and Gray can both run and cover some ground in CF, however very poor makeup gives me concern that they’ll ever come close to reaching full potential.  Unable to view #48 Matos.

Round 2-5 Sleeper: 2nd Round RF Charles Perry has the speed/baserunning and just enough offense to someday be a reserve OF and pinch runner.

Overall Draft Grade C: Matos could influence this upward if he’s a passable ML talent, however neither of the CF’s really excite me and Perry is no more than a 4th OF.

Las Vegas

First Round:  #28 pick P Harry Beltran may have a shot as a ML Mopup guy or #5 SP, however supplemental firsts P Ligtenberg and RP Bush fall well short of ML quality based on projections.

Round 2-5 Sleeper: 3rd Round SS Gil Nicholson may have enough offense to challenge for a ML utility player spot at some point down the road.

Overall Draft Grade D+:  Not much going on in this season’s draft for Vegas, a couple of “maybe’s” and the rest “never will be’s”

El Paso

First Round:  Great value despite lower picks for the Border Patrol.  2B Yuddai Tabaka is a top of the order prospect with great batting eye and good enough defensive projections, and 1B/DH Don Nakajima can be a hitter at the Big League Level. Both will contribute offensively down the road.

Round 2-5 Sleeper: 4th round C Javier Duran appears to project into at platoon type C, his pitch calling will be a bit suspect, but finding a C that can hit RHP in the 4th is good value.

Overall Draft Grade A-:  El Paso did yeoman’s work in the first round, leaving with two big league hitters from lower draft position. Only the lack of a serviceable 2nd rounder keeps this from being an A+ Great job by the EP scouts.


First Round:  Probably not the year to have five first round picks.  Toledo had to go for quantity mores than quality based on their draft position.  #31 Manny Goldschmidt looks like a #5 SP or Mopup guy due to the low vs. LHP projection and 3 of his 5 pitches projecting below 50.  #33 Sven Gleason can make himself into a strong defensive CF, with just enough offense/speed to get bye.  His makeup could become a concern.  LF Don Whiten might eventually become a source of power off the bench at the ML level, and Adam James a speedy 2B with a bit of an iron glove.  1B Rod Qualls has gap power and a nice left-handed bat to eventually make it in the majors.  No superstars here, but some solid potential role-players.

Round 2-5 Sleeper: 3rd round reliever Otis Leon should become a quality setup man one day. A sinker-baller with strong splits and pitches, if he can find the strike zone, he should be very effective in the Toledo pen.

Overall Draft Grade B: Bad luck year to have so many compensatory picks, Toledo did what they could to find some bit players to add to the ML roster down the road.  No stars, but plenty that will contribute.

Tampa Bay

First Round: Rubber Armed long relief prospect Skip Cooke is interesting, he has the pitches and control, but the low-ish vs. RH split may make him vulnerable.  Supplemental pick 3B Turner Paulson will be interesting to watch develop.  He may not have the range/glove for SS, but could become a Chone Figgins-esque 3B with speed and gold-glove potential.  It’ll be interesting to see where TB uses him down the road.

Round 2-5 Sleeper: Defensive stalwart 3rd round C Joe Recchio might be the eventual replacement for multiple gold glove winning C Anthony Franco (whom this author stupidly left unprotected many rule 5’s ago)

Overall Draft Grade B:  Drafting from the bottom of the field, Tampa added a couple interesting prospects to the mix.  Not a bad job at all.


First round: none

Round 2-5 Sleeper: 1B/DH Pete Zoltan looks to be a ML quality hitter in the 3rd round, nice job by the Ottawa scouting staff to find a potential contributor without the benefit of a first round pick.

Overall grade B-: Turned out to be good strategy to forfeit low first round pick in favor of a good FA signing, if the fair to middling 2nd rounder does not sign, Ottawa will go into next years (hopefully stronger draft) with multiple selections in the 2nd.


First round: None

Round 2-5 Sleeper:  Being that I have an unhealthy obsession with left-handed bats, I like the selection of OF Guy Moran in the 3rd.  At the very least he can be a 4th OF type that can pinch hit against RHP.

Overall Draft Grade C+:  Similar thought process to Ottawa, and draft results, just without as quite as strong of a 3rd round selection.

Season 26 Power Rankings – February 3

1. Huntington Catholics – They have played the other top teams in the AL yet, but with a lot of changes in some of the perennial contenders the AL is up for grabs this year.

2.  Toledo Black Sheep – With the youth movement all but complete, Toledo took 2 of 3 from Tampa Bay to claim top spot in the NL.

3.  Tampa Bay Tritons – They’ve won over 100 games 5 straight seasons and 6 of 7 and already look to be on their way to another.

4. San Francisco Sea Lions – Overshadowed by Huntington, San Francisco has the only winning record and what has been the toughest division in the AL for quite some time.

5. Burlington Ents – The defending champs haven’t been great so far, but still look like favorites in the NL

6. Augusta Warriors – Actually ahead of Burlington in the NL North, Augusta’s young guns could throw a monkey wrench in Burlington’s repeat plans.

7. Charlotte Panthers – Have had a difficult schedule and hung around with the better teams in the AL so far

8. Rochester Rampage – Rochester is hoping for Huntington

9. Honolulu Noka Oi – The NL West has been very competitive and Honolulu stands at the top of the heap so far

10. Kansas City Monarchs – While they’re aging, they still have it in them to make a run at the top this season.

11. Nashville Redbirds

12. Ottawa Pride

13. Boise Russets

14. Los Angeles Freaks

15. Syracuse Orange Domers

16. New York Evil Empire

17. Sacremento Stars

18. Boston Bombers

19. Las Vegas Spittin’ Vermin

20. Vancouver Vipers

21. El Paso Border Patrol

22. Washington D.C. Huskies

23. Columbus Script

24. Memphis Mauraders

25. Austin City Limits

26. Tacoma Duck Dodgers 24.5 Century

27. Scottsdale Skyscapers

28. Madison Fireballs

29. Richmond Poes

30. Cincinnati Communists

31. New Orleans Swim

32. Florida Fungos

All Time Leaders

1. Luther Aldred 3031
2. Alfonzo Cruz 3004
3. Ugueth Moya 2830
4. Orlando Lee 2736
5. Alan Vickers 2643

Home Runs
1. Alfonzo Cruz 811
2. Dan Thompson 749
3. Ugueth Moya 686
4. Jerome Duran 633
5. Ivan Mantalban 602

1. Rusty Laker 1.021
2. Dan Thompson 1.020
3. Ugueth Moya .989
4. Matty Bennet .984
5. Emil Wilkinson .975

1. Fernando Neruda 352
2. Geronimo Flores 310
3. Esteban Cubillan 275
4. Frank Dehart 263
5. Shawn Radlosky 257

1. Fernando Neruda 5038
2. Geronimo Flores 3866
3. Frank Dehart 3356
4. Esteban Cubillan 2955
5. Shawn Radlosky 2871

1. Jesus Torrealba 694
2. Hal Wagner 636
3. Charles Hall 575
4. Cole Alexander 488
5. Augie Martin 478